Hi, I’m Dr. Julie!

Hi, I’m Dr. Julie!

I’m a Doctor of public health and a licensed mental health professional, adviser, coach, advocate, and change-maker in the nonprofit world.

I’m a Doctor of Public Health and a licensed mental health professional, adviser, coach, advocate and change maker in the nonprofit world.

Transforming individuals, organizations, and communities is my passion, and advancing mental wellness through innovation is Collectively’s mission.

I’ve spent over 25 years working in human services and organizational development and have had a hand in hundreds of projects involving training, coaching, system planning, leadership development, and more in the mental health field.


After working with countless individuals and organizations, I realized it was time to innovate my approach and founded Collectively, an organization that brings passionate individuals together to address mental wellness and solve complex challenges impacting mental health. 

Collectively’s members are committed to social change and have access to social capital to leverage solutions.

Collectively thrives on inclusivity, and people of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and all expressions, abilities, religions, and backgrounds are welcomed and respected. Our intention is to prioritize mental wellness for all.


Collectively works with invested stakeholders to identify needs and share knowledge about practical solutions to support transformation. The world needs solutions that are accessible and attainable. Collectively works with individuals, organizations, and communities to co-create these solutions.

Individually, we’re dynamic, brilliant, gracious, and committed to change. Together we’re a powerhouse. Our experience and expertise span various industries and overlap in perfect harmony to offer you outstanding support.

The Collectively Team

Lauren Zuchman

Leadership Trainer

Erica Ricketts, MBA

Master Trainer

Lisa Ullven

Wraparound Coach

Claudia Evangelista, MS

Curriculum Development

Ryon Coote

Leadership Trainer & Podcaster

Patricia Morgan, PhD.

Master Trainer

Lee Ann Greenstein

Master Trainer

Leah Suarez

Master Trainer

Jo-Aynne von Born

Leadership Coach

Denneshia Spratt

Master Trainer

Yona Bacolod

Visual Designer

Dr. Tonicia Freeman-Foster

Leadership Coach & EASE Coach

John Mayo

Wraparound Coach

Shari Thomas

Master Trainer

Brent Clemens, MA

Visual Designer

*All Collectively Contributors are contracted individually.