We're Collectively

We're Collectively

We support people to become  better leaders and inspire organizations to achieve lasting change in the mental health industry.

Collectively’s training, coaching, and support provides leaders and organizations with a deep understanding of creating change in yourself, your organization, and the world.


We work one-on-one with you to help you become a socially responsible leader using the latest tools, methodologies, programs, and training. 


Understand your organizational needs and implement winning strategies to make big changes—and maintain them for the long haul. 


Shake up the status quo using our innovative ways and transform how people get help. Navigate and overhaul networks in a new and better direction. 


Address the unique needs of your community with resources that will get your projects funded, engage your members, and improve outcomes. 

Why Collectively?

We are a group of passionate game-changers tackling complex challenges in the mental health industry. By coming together, we represent a powerful force of diversity, wisdom, and expertise.

How We Work

Our mission is rooted in collective collaboration and a commitment to doing the actual work. Real change is more than just buzzwords. It requires a shared vision, connection, and accountability. So let us help you move your work in the right direction. 

Giving Back

Giving Back What if there was a way to get people the help they actually need and want? What if you could support children and families with the resources to address their complex needs and health conditions?


Our Peace, Love Wraparound – A Social Capital Fund does just that.

Our team has worked with dozens of leading mental health institutions

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